Tech and Professional Services

The Ice Pr team have worked with many professional service and tech organisations, where we have developed and implemented strategic communication plans that are focused on the client’s objectives and have assisted with driving business growth.

This is an industry where relationships and reputations are core to business success. Your business success and goals Inspire us and enable us to Create powerful collaborations that target and Engage with our professional contacts in the media, key influencers and your audience.

Ice Pr will help you to increase website traffic, raise your company profile, raise profiles of key personnel as industry leaders and drive sales.

Our strategy involves the implementation of an effective content marketing plan, working with the media and influencers to reach your business demographic, create informative and engaging content for social media and to identify and organise opportunities at key exhibitions and trade shows that will raise your profile as an industry leader

At Ice PR we know how to build brand awareness, regardless of the size of the brand or business, in the property and home interest sector. We pride ourselves on running successful tailored campaigns, where our dedicated team of property and home interest experts will work closely with you to achieve your company’s goals through tailored Pr and digital campaigns that will not only build brand awareness but will enhance your social media presence and elevate your digital profile.

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